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Offering an eclectic, contemporary approach towards decorating, the Calliope Collection was designed to accommodate those individuals who express their decorating philosophy through the use of color and pure chicness. Represented in three contemporary-abstract patterns; Celebration, Fun House and Party time, Calliope is best suited for those who like to explore every decorating option. These quality, face-to-face woven Wilton carpets marry the pure essence of modernism with eccentric color blends of masculine and rich jewel tones that allow them to establish a unique foundation to any interior in which they are installed. The collection’s 55% heat-set Courtron™ polypropylene and 45% shrink polyester pile provides an extremely soft underfoot that can only be equaled to its durability factors. Stocked in a 16’4” width, allowing for a supreme installation, Calliope’s five patterns were designed for those who see self-expression as a key to their happiness.

Calliope Collection Celebration

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