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Creations by Couristan™ presents Mount Fuji, a contemporary residential carpet pattern designed with distinctive hints of texture that is intended to add an eye-catching appeal to any room-setting in the home. This unique pattern is featured in three colors sequences, Beige/Ivory, Blue/Ivory and Grey/Ivory, each sequence was selected for its unique color contrast and ability to make a bold design statement without overpowering other decorating elements in your setting. Stocked in 13’2” width for ease of installation, Mount Fuji was designed to provide a sense of adventure, while remaining appealing to the eye and inviting to your guests. Uniquely blended with 65% heat-set Courtron™ polypropylene and 35% shrink polyester, this quality carpet features a face-to-face Wilton woven high/low cut-pile which offers a durable, long-wearing surface that can accommodate any active household. Providing the perfect versatile backdrop to complement transitional and modern interiors effortlessly, Mount Fuji will transform a classic space into a contemporary one.

Mount Fuji

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