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Indulge in the art of relaxation with Olde Chatham. This signature contemporary lifestyle residential carpeting, offers a fashion statement for the floor with its textured appeal and sophisticated-infused color palette that features a range of masculine shades of color. Available in a 13'2" width and woven of 100% heat-set Courtron™polypropylene for added comfort and durability, Old Chatham features a softly textured, luxurious pile that was created to provide any space with the extra sense of comfort. The pattern's eye-catching blend of colors and added textural interests is the result of its face-to-face woven Wilton construction. Soft to the touch and intriguing to the eye, this contemporary-influenced, cut-pile carpet, will sooth the appearance of any interior in the home and create a textured, sophisticated paradise that exemplifies relaxation.

Olde Chatham

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