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Inspired by rhythmic surface patterns of lakes far-and-wide, Water's Edge offers a soothing, contemporary foundation unlike any other floor covering of its kind. This chic and sophisticated, quality carpet features a face-to-face woven Wilton construction that is carefully displayed within a high/low cut-pile. This method provides Water's Edge with an extra element of texture and embellishes the outlines of its' eccentric small wave pattern. Woven of a unique blend of 50% heat-set Courtron™ polypropylene and 50% shrink polyester, this residential carpet embodies an ultra-soft pile that is quite durable and versatile. Styled in a modern range of colors including Flannel, Navy and Robin's Egg, Water's Edge can make its way into any transitional or contemporary interior. Stocked in a 13'2" width for a superior installation, Water's Edge's small surface wave pattern will serve the needs of those looking for a soothing, contemporary foundation for their interior.

Water's Edge

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